My book The Cage is finally published. I cannot believe it. Even after I got my proof copy. Every time I hold my book I feel unbelievable joy at knowing it is out there for people to published. You can find it at, and

My New Book


     I just want everyone to know that my book The Cage will be available in paperback and eBooks format in about two weeks. I cannot wait it to be finally published and made available to be purchased on and I believe this will be a story that will stay with you after you finish reading it. Till next time. Bye

Almost Done

Today I uploaded my latest manuscript to createspace. I am so close to having my book The Cage published. I cannot wait to hold my book in my hands. I cannot wait to read what other people think of my new book. I will put up pictures of my book soon. Bye. Till next time.


So far I have been able to write some parts of the changes for my manuscript. I decided to step away from the part of the story I am having problems with. I know these changes will make my manuscript better. Till next time. Bye.


I read over my editor wrote on how I can make my manuscript better and I understand and agree with my editor. It is just that when I wrote this manuscript I left part of my soul in this story and I don’t know if I can do that again. That is what has me puzzled. I know I have a good basis to add to the main story and the characters. I just don’t know how to go about it? I don’t know if I can put more of my soul in to the manuscript then I already have? Till next time. Bye.

My New Book

At the beginning of the summer I purchased publishing package from Createspace. My new book is called The Cage. I am still working on the editorial process. I printed out my manuscript today to go over the corrections and to see were I have to add more insight into the story and characters. This story has been an emotional roller coaster to write and now I have to delve back in and add more context and content. I don’t know how I will go about it but I welcome the challenge of making my manuscript even better. Till next time. Bye.

My Third Book

I am so closed to finish writing my third book, that now I am having some trouble connecting the story lines all together. I think of the upcoming scene then I jump ahead and now I have to back track my thinking to get to spot that I know is crucial to my story. I try not to jump ahead but know that doesn’t work for me. I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to write my next scene and the rhythm is not flowing as it has been these last few days. It drives me nuts when this happens. I guess I just have to go with the flow and wait for the scene to come to me then I can write it all down. Till next time. Bye.

My Book

I finally finished writing my new book last night. Now I have to do is type the rest of it up. When I was finished I felt kind of let down because these characters share a part of me. I hope whoever gets a chance to read it will enjoy it as much as I did. Till next time. Bye.

My Next Book

I am so close to be finished writing my next book. I cannot believe it. I was able to over come that scene that I wasn’t able to write when I wanted to. One night this week I sat down to watch tv and I got the urge to open the notebook of this story and write. I got up got my notebook and sat back down on the couch and wrote out that one scene. I was so happy after I got to the next. I can’t believe that after the past few years I will finally be finished this story. Till next time. Bye.